Wagashi Nerikiri

The highest quality Japanese sweets

Nerikiri is a type of Japanese Wagashi made by kneading and mixing a sweet white bean paste. Wagashi can be consumed any time of the day and is often served at tea ceremonies. Nerikiri is an artistic Japanese confectionery made by copying seasonal features. The artisan products are tinted with different colors and molded into various shapes according to the season, which may include flowers, animals, sceneries, and more. The most famous shape is Sakura Nerikiri that is available during the Cherry Blossom season. Nerikiri is the most well-known Japanese sweet with its beautiful presentation and delicate taste.


A brightly colored Japanese confectionary made from bean paste to depicts fireworks shining in the night sky. The texture is smooth and delicious especially when enjoyed chilled.

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A Nerikiri in a shape of YUZU Citrus fruit made from white bean paste. YUZU is on trend and one of the most popular Japanese ingredients.

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An apple flavored Nerikiri made from white bean paste in the shape of a cute apple.

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Confectionery made from wrapping light pink bean paste into Nerikiri expressing Cherry Blossoms, the flower of Japan.

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Iwai Hana

A gorgeous plum-shaped confectionary made with sweet bean paste, wrapped in red and white Nerikiri. Long believed to be a symbol of success and served all year around in Japan.

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